November 3, 2022 - Eastern Standard - 

Together Outdoors Coalition Lead Gerry Seavo James

  • A new book from Sayre graduate, former Marine and now Wall Street Journal correspondent Ben Kesling follows the experiences of Bravo Company, an army unit that saw heavy combat in Afghanistan. The book follows a VA experiment to support their recovery from those experiences and we have comment from Kesling, as well as Dr. Travis Martin, a twice-deployed veteran of Iraq and founding director of Veterans Studies at EKU 

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  • A case before the US Supreme Court could have enormous impact on American arts and culture. UK Law professor Brian Frye walks us through the case 


  • We’ll hear all about “Together Outdoors” - a coalition of businesses and non-profits working to remove social, physical and other barriers to enjoyment of the Great Outdoors. 


  • The job of the mayor is the focus of our election-season series, Civic Shorts.