September 21, 2023 - Eastern Standard 

  •  Tom Eblen in conversation with Barbara Kingsolver about her best-selling Appalachian novel, Demon Copperhead. In this interview, Eblen explores Kingsolver's views of media portrayals of her home region, and how she provides such detailed and intimate insights into the plight of the older foster child, the depths of opioid addiction, and the realities of 21st-century mountain culture. LISTEN 
  • Special Topics Reporter Chris Begley offers observations about Kingsolver’s portrayal of Appalachia. LISTEN
  • Tom Martin talks with Cynthia Schepers, Peer Coach Coordinator for Kentucky Youth Advocates, whose own foster care experience in many ways mirrors that of Kingsolver's protagonist. LISTEN
  • And, as Kentucky Monthly Magazine celebrates its 25th anniversary, publisher Steve Vest recalls the very first edition and discusses the editorial philosophy that has won subscribers in all of Kentucky's 120 counties, all 50 states and territories, and six countries. LISTEN / VEST ON EVENTS