October 5, 2023 - Eastern Standard 

“We have to quit whispering about it” —Yvette Hourigan, Executive Director of the Kentucky Lawyers Assistance Program, on the stigma that prevents us from talking openly about suicide. Featured is Lexington attorney Bruce Simpson, who earlier this year made an attempt to end his life, survived, got help, and is now on a mission to help others who are dealing with suicidal ideation. Hourigan and Simpson are joined by former state supreme court justice Bill Cunningham, EKU suicidologist Melinda Moore, and Kristin Collins, COO at the Foundation for Appalachian Kentucky. 

The Interviews:

Bruce Simpson

Yvette Hourigan

Bill Cunningham

Melinda Moore 

If you are experiencing suicidal ideation and need help, or just want to talk to somebody who doesn't have a personal stake in it and can offer the perspective of an outsider who really understands this kind of thinking, dial 9-8-8. Or, text TALK to 741741.

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