October 12, 2023 - Eastern Standard  

“It’s Time” is a campaign against domestic violence launched by the city of Lexington. In this edition, we learn how to respond when we learn that a friend or a loved one is experiencing physical abuse or coercive control. And we hear of ways various communities, from religious to business and sports, can play roles in combatting intimate partner abuse and supporting employees who are experiencing abuse. In the hour, we also hear how a more open discussion about mental health has emerged from the pandemic. And we explore the real-time data of the Lexington-based Gun Violence Archive.

Segments (click to listen)

Domestic Violence

Gun Violence

Youth Mental Health 


It's Time Lexington

 Greenhouse 17: 800-544-2022

Hope's Wings: (859) 623-4095

 National Domestic Violence Hotline: 800-799-7233