Eastern Standard - April 7, 2022 

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The Eric Conn Social Security scam landed him in prison and left many in Eastern Kentucky holding the bag. Now there’s a documentary. We talk with Prestonsburg attorney Ned Pillersdorf | With a fresh infusion of funding, the Kentucky Wildlands tourism initiative looks to address trash, hospitality and entrepreneurship | From the Middle Tech podcast series, Logan Jones and Evan Knowles in conversation with Steve Cadigan, original HR chief at Linked-In discussing big shifts and changes in attitudes about work/life balance, the value of knowledge and skills in today's labor market and how management has some catching up to do. | And, a chat with a Nashville songwriting team and family band with deep Lexington roots: Brassfield.

Interviews in order of appearance: 

Ned Pillersdorf - The Eric Conn Social Security Scandal - LISTEN 

Tammie Nazario - Fresh funding for E. Kentucky’s next move - LISTEN 

Middle Tech: The rapidly evolving workplace - LISTEN 

Brassfield - The latest Lexington connection to Nashville - LISTEN