Eastern Standard - June 16, 2022 

How learning something new can transform your point of view. (Image: Shutterstock)

“Transformational Learning” is just that: deepening your knowledge of a given topic, changing the way you perceive it. That’s the focus of an interview by education contributor Cynthia Resor with Dr. Nicola Mason, Chair of the EKU Department of Teaching, Learning and Educational Leadership. LISTEN 

All about the Warriors Path project and its opportunities to expand knowledge about Native American life in the region while also boosting the economies of some Kentucky Trail Towns. LISTEN  

We explore a report on the Work-From-Home trend with Javier David, Managing Editor for Business and Markets, AXIOS LISTEN  

Details and status of the “fee and dividend” approach to reducing greenhouses gases linked to climate change. We hear from Jon Clark, Appalachia Regional Coordinator for the Citizen’s Climate Lobby LISTEN 

Our series on theatre production in Kentucky continues with a conversation with Louisville playwright and the Dramatist Guild Kentucky representative Brian Walker. LISTEN