Eastern Standard - May 19, 2022 

Vera Lisen, as viewed through the len of her Lexington photographer daughter Valeria Kaidanov, crossing the border from Ukraine to Romania 

From weeks trapped in a basement shelter in the devastated eastern Ukraine city of Mariupol to safety in Lexington: Valery Kaidanov on the odyssey of her 84-year old mother, Vera Lisen.  LISTEN

After inflation is taken into account, state employee wages have declined over a decade. An analysis of a workforce crisis in Frankfort LISTEN

The deeply partisan Senate confirmation hearing for judge Ketanji Brown Jackson as viewed through the lens of Dr. Melynda Price, Professor of Law and Humanities and Director of the UK Gaines Center for the Humanities. LISTEN

Why Katie Toupin parted ways with Louisville’s Houndmouth and now calls Lexington home and how it all connects with Blink 182. LISTEN