Program for December 23, 2021 

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A special Christmas gift from WEKU and Eastern Standard: Tom Eblen joins Tom Martin in conversations with Kentucky Poet Laureate Crystal Wilkinson, acclaimed Kentucky novelist Silas House and former Kentucky Poet Laureate Richard Taylor about their contributions to “A Kentucky Christmas”, an anthology edited by George Ella Lyon and published by the University Press of Kentucky. Plus, a reading by Georgia Green Stamper of "Shepherds in Bathrobes," her contribution to the Kentucky Monthly anthology, “The Twelve Days of a Kentucky Christmas.” Find out why Louisville children’s author Dee Dee Cummings published a Christmas book featuring African American characters, and what motivated historian Thomas Weyant to explore how the modern Christmas was influenced by the cold war between the US and USSR.  

Interviews in order of appearance  

Silas House 

Crystal WIlkinson 

Dee Dee Cummings 

Thomas Weyant 

Richard Taylor 

Georgia Green Stamper