Eastern Standard - February 3, 2022 

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Coal's long tail: Environmental reporter James Bruggers on his investigation of the long-term consequences to human health and property of mining and burning coal. WEKU's Corinne Boyer looks into the mental health aftermaths of flooding in Eastern Kentucky, tornadoes in the Western end of the state. Psychologist Melinda Moore tells us what she's seeing and hearing in her practice as more and more people seek out help to cope with the pandemic. Dr. Lavoria Williams is guest of Gerald Smith for his series on racial justice and equality, discussing efforts to encourage more African Americans to get the Covid vaccination. And for the latest in his series on Kentucky theater production and performance, Bill McCann gets details from Joseph Wrightson about "Story Cycle," a class on writing music for the stage offered by the Lexington Theater Company. 

Interviews & features in order of appearance: 

Tom Martin with James Bruggers (Click here for article

Corinne Boyer with various 

Tom Martin with Melinda Moore 

Gerald Smith with Lavoria Williams 

Bill McCann with Joseph Wrightson