Eastern Standard - January 20, 2022 

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“The ship of education is on fire and sinking.” The words of Georgia high school teacher Jordan Kohanim. You’ll hear her ten recommendations to prevent teacher burnout | If Kentucky was a nation it would be #7 in the world for incarceration of its people. A new report offers alternatives | Our Future Tense series returns with a view on pandemic damage to society | Tyler Childers manager Ian Thornton, guest on our Depth of Field series, on an up and coming Appalachian music scene. 

The interviews in order of appearance: 

ES Education correspondent Cynthia Resor, Georgia High School teacher Jordan Kohanim - LISTEN 

Tom Martin, Carmen Mitchell, policy analyst, KY Center for Economic Policy - LISTEN 

Future Tense host Chris Begley, Dr. Meghan Kallman - LISTEN 

Depth of Field host Duane Lundy, Ian Thornton - LISTEN