Eastern Standard - January 6, 2022 

In the "classroom" at the Red Oaks Forest School | photo credit: Tina Brouwer / Vrai Photography

“Science is not infallible.” The words of Donald Frazier, namesake of the Donald T. Frazier Outreach Center for Science and Health Career Opportunities at the University of Kentucky. Our discussion with Dr. Frazier about how to calibrate our expectations of science begins an hour that includes the latest on environmental science education in Kentucky; J.R.R. Tolkien as a teacher of environmental science; a school in the forest, about the forest; and, a book about what to do when your hike in the woods brings you eye-to-eye with a creature that's as wary of you as you are of it.  

Interviews in order of appearance: 

Donald Frazier - Science  

Brittany Wray - Environmental Education 

Kenton Sena - J.R.R. Tolkien and Environmental Education 

Hannah Harris - Red Oaks Forest School 

Rachel Levin - Animal encounters in the wild