Program for September 23, 2021 

Rebecca Gayle Howell & Brett Ratliff (Photo by Howell-Ratliff)


As a finale to our fall pledge drive (thank you!), Eastern Standard presents the staff of WEKU with reports and interviews: Corinne Boyer on a hospital in covid crisis - Cheri Lawson visits with a couple who embody a marriage of arts - Stu Johnson on the latest efforts to bring down Kentucky’s high rate of heart disease - Tom Martin gets season details on the Origins Jazz Series - Samantha Morrill on preparations to receive Afghan refugees - Wendy Barnett chats with the founder of Red Barn Radio, now entering its third decade. Your support in action. 1-800-621-8890 or online at 

In Order of Appearance: 

Corinne Boyer visits an Eastern Kentucky hospital that has been overwhelmed by cases of Covid-19 LISTEN 

Cheri Lawson chats with husband and wife arts collaborators Rebecca Gayle Howell and Brett Ratliff LISTEN 

Stu Johnson reports on efforts to reduce Kentucky's high rate of heart disease LISTEN 

Samantha Morrill gets the latest on preparations to receive Afghan refugees from Derek Feldman of Kentucky Refugee Ministries LISTEN 

Tom Martin talks with Eli Uttal-Veroff about the new season of Lexington's Origins Jazz Series LISTEN 

Wendy Barnett visits with Ed Commons, founder and producer of Red Barn Radio, as the locally-produced program begins a 3rd decade LISTEN