Program for March 19, 2020 

A 333% increase in alcohol-related deaths in Kentucky over the last two decades with dramatic increases among women and the middle-aged. |  Efforts are underway in Eastern Kentucky to reduce  Kentucky's high rate of type 2 diabetes . | In our continuing series on the 19th Amendment, we look at the major, society-shifting changes after establishing women's right to vote. |  A Transylvania University student has created trading cards of influential women. 

Segment One: LISTEN

Segment Two: LISTEN 


Tara McGuire - Alcohol rates in Kentucky 

Parker Hobson - Confronting KY's high rate of type-2 diabetes  (see note below) 

Jackie Jay with Sara Egge - 19th amendment series 

Shawna Morton - Influential Women trading cards 


The report by Appalshop's Parker Hobson is the first in a series  about efforts underway in Eastern Kentucky to reduce through lifestyle changes Kentucky's high rates of type 2 diabetes.  This report was made possible, in part, by the Kentucky Department of Public Health. 

To see if you might be at risk for pre-diabetes, there is a short quiz you can take at

Music in this report ("Bergen County Farewell" and "Across the Tappen Zee") was performed by Glenn Jones & Laura Baird, from the WFMU collection on the Free Music Archive.

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