Program for February 4, 2021 

(NPR TV Critic Eric Deggans)

 NPR TV Critic Eric Deggans offers a preview of his upcoming lecture in the EKU Chautauqua Series. Hint: he has a lot to say about the state of media, both news and entertainment, and how it shapes society. | Author Bobi Conn on her essay: “A Day of Reckoning for Big Pharma: the Elegy that Appalachia Really Needs” | CEDIK’s Shane Barton and “One Harlan County’s” Colby Kirk on efforts to support Eastern Kentucky downtowns during the pandemic - and beyond | Hopewell Museum's Cheryl Caskey: Paris, Ky. hosts a courageous conversation around racial equality and justice. 

Interviews in order of appearance 

Bobi Conn 

(Read Bobi's essay) 

Shane Barton 

Colby Kirk 

Eric Deggans 

Cheryl Caskey


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