Program for March 25, 2021 

The memorabilia of racism. A conversation with a collector of Mammy and Uncle Mose salt & pepper shakers | So, what happens now? An all effort to get the workforce vaccinated and back to work leaves managers wondering how many employees have decided they really like working from home. Interviews with three who are tracking the trends of a tentative return to work. 

Interviews in order of appearance: 

Gerald Smith with Kenneth Goings 

Black collectibles - objects made in or with the image of a black person - were items of material culture  that helped reinforce the racist ideology that began emerging after Reconstruction. Ohio State University professor Kenneth Goings has examined how the images created of black people by white people changed as the nation changed.  By contextualizing "black collectibles" within America's complex social history, Dr. Goings has opened a fascinating perspective on the American story. 

Tom Martin with Beth Davisson 

Tom Martin with Joe Labianca and Brad Patrick 

As the nation is vaccinated businesses prepare for a changed workplace. Beth Davisson, VP for Workforce Development at the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce shares her observations as she works with employers considering a range of options. Professor Joe Labianca and Executive-in-Residence Brad Patrick at the University of Kentucky's Gatton College of Business and Economics discuss the findings of ongoing research focused on a changed office environment.

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  • Lance
    Lance NZ
    They even look creepy in the first place. Who would want a pepper shaker like that? [url=][/url]

    They even look creepy in the first place. Who would want a pepper shaker like that?

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