Education IS Economic Development

Lee T. Todd, Jr.

Lee T. Todd, Jr.

About the series

This series of interviews hosted by former University of Kentucky president Lee Todd is based on the premise that education is the foundation for the growth and progress of individuals, businesses, communities and the state as a whole. At times it seems as though there is a disconnect in Kentucky about the relationship between education and economic development and prosperity. Connecting these dots is a passion for Dr. Todd. In this series of interviews, Dr. Todd looks at that connection from all angles in an effort to help listeners understand why one cannot succeed without the other.

The interviews

  • Introduction. Tom Martin discusses the new series with Dr. Lee Todd - LISTEN

  • With family budgets and savings stretched so thin, what’s in it for a young person to pursue a STEM education? Guest: Kris Kimel, co-founder of Lexington-based Space Tango.  LISTEN
  •  They might as well re-name this education program “Game Changer.” Dr. Lee Todd continues his series, “Education IS Economic Development” in conversation with Advance Kentucky teacher Brittany Cox. LISTEN
  • She has a message for the youth of Kentucky's small towns and impoverished communities: UK Engineering student Auburn Mattingly discusses how education opened doors to a promising future. LISTEN
  • A coal baron's gift to Eastern Kentucky: The Craft Academy for Excellence in Science and Math at Morehead State University LISTEN