Does undocumented immigration boost crime? Education’s impact in E. Ky. Wilderness survival; Photographing the artists of the Great Lakes 

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One: Do undocumented immigrants = increased crime rates? This analysis says no. A conversation with Anna Flagg, Senior Data Reporter for The Marshall Project. LISTEN

Two: Does quality public education = positive economic development? These educators say yes. Jeff Hawkins, Director of the Kentucky Valley Educational Cooperative, and Magoffin County Schools Superintendent Scott Helton on a new strategy for public education and economic development in Appalachian Kentucky. LISTEN

Three: Can rural Kentucky benefit from ideas hatched in other parts of the world? This Eastern Kentucky leader says it can. An interview with Hindman Settlement School Director and newly minted Obama Foundation Fellow Brent Hutchinson. Might you kick yourself for forgetting this  before heading out for a hike in the back country? Wilderness survival expert Chris Begley says, probably. And, can an artist bring the Great Lakes to Kentucky? Yes. Well, so to speak. An UnderMain interview. LISTEN


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