E. Kentucky's Savior? Education - Ky's Teen Tobacco Backslide - Humans of Central Appalachia - More 

Brittany Boggs of Cumberland, Ky. featured in "Humans of Central Appalachia"

Listen by segment:

One: A conversation with Dreama Gentry, Executive Director, Partners for Education based at Berea College: education is the key to Eastern Kentucky's future.LISTEN

Two: Ben Chandler, Executive Director, Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky: e-cigs and vaping have brought a reversal of Kentucky's improvement in teen smoking; the pros and cons of hemp (CBD) oil LISTEN

Three: Update on Ravenna railroad heritage center; Humans of Central Appalachia, featuring Brittany Boggs of Cumberland, Ky; Lexington's new arts festival; Poet-author Pauletta Hansel proves that you can go home LISTEN

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