LexPhil Conductor Search; KY women writers gather; UK mural documentary; A Railbird debriefing 

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One: Kentucky Women Writers Conference president Randi Ewing: more than one way to tell a story; WEKU's Wendy Barnett interviews John Fitch, EKU professor of broadcast and electronic media and creator of Painted in Stone, a documentary about the racially-charged mural in the University of Kentucky's iconic Memorial Hall. LISTEN

Two: The Lexington Philharmonic begins a season-long search for its next music director and conductor. LexPhil executive director Allison Kaiser details an intense process. Tom Martin interviews finalist candidate number one, Thomas Heuser of Idaho Falls, LISTEN

Three: It was something entirely new and different for historic Keeneland: hosting a music festival. UnderMain's Art Shechet debriefs Railbird Festival local producer David Helmers. LISTEN


Randi Ewing, President, KY Women Writers Conference

Wendy Barnett interviews documentary filmmaker John Fitch

Lexington Philharmonic Executive Director Allison Kaiser

LexPhil finalist conductor candidate Thomas Heuser

UnderMain's Art Shechet with Railbird Fest producer David Helmers


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