Happiness, Health and "Hillbillies"  


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Cornell University psychologist Tom Gilovich is coming to EKU to speak about "Happiness in Troubled Times." Listen to a preview conversation about the things that get in the way along the road to joy and contentedness. LISTEN


There are promising developments in the quest to prevent Alzheimer's. We talk with a leader in the field, Dr. Sanjay Asthana, a keynote speaker at the forthcoming Markesbery Symposium on Aging and Dementia. And, we hear from Dr. Gregory Jicha of UK's Sanders-Brown Center on Aging about exciting research into a selenium compound underway in partnership with the Lexington-based bio-tech company, Alltech. LISTEN


This month's installment of our "Humans of Central Appalachia" series focuses on "Hillbilly" - a term some wear with pride while others loathe. It's a prelude to a conversation with Ashley York, a Pike County native and now an LA-based filmmaker appearing soon at EKU to screen her documentary film, "Hillbilly," co-directed by Sally Rubin. LISTEN

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