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Explorers Dave and Amy Freeman have logged many thousands of miles hiking, kayaking, sailing,and dog-sledding, sharing their experiences via satellite with classrooms across the nation. Hear their story as they prepare to launch a new season of the EKU Chautauqua lecture series. LISTEN


Can wilderness preservation and economic development find harmony in the Red River Gorge? Hear about the search for that balance in our conversation with one who has been researching its prospects, EKU Associate Professor of Sociology, James Maples. LISTEN

Can humans who trek the Gorge maintain a peaceful coexistence with one of its residents: copperheads? EKU Biology Professor Stephen Richter discusses the study he leads. LISTEN (2nd interview)

How human behaviors impact our natural world and how these impacts have changed over time are focuses of the Pine Mountain Settlement School. Hear more from the director of this century-old Harlan County institution, Geoff Marietta. LISTEN (3rd interview)


Presidential historian Jon Meacham puts things in perspective in an interview with Lexington Herald-Leader columnist Tom Eblen. LISTEN

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