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On June 3, 1962, a chartered Air France jet crashed on takeoff from Orly Airport in Paris. 106 of Atlanta's civic and arts leaders perished in the crash. Novelist Hannah Pittard, Director of the University of Kentucky's MFA Program in Creative Writing, discusses her historical fiction "Visible Empire," about the dynamics that play out in a community in the aftermath of such a catastrophe. LISTEN


Lexington is among Scott Shapiro’s "University Cities.” What makes them special and what cautionary tales should they heed? We're joined by the Chief Innovation Officer in the administration of Lexington Mayor Jim Gray who was tasked with establishing a benchmark for Lexington’s future as home to a pair of universities within walking distance of its downtown. LISTEN


The science behind "you are what you eat" (and what your mom and dad ate; and your grandparents.) A conversation with Alltech nutrigenomics research scientist Kirstin Brennan. LISTEN

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