Tougher superbugs, fewer antibiotics|A 2020 Census primer| Appalachian midwifery| UK Filmmaker makes PBS | Lexington singer-songwriter Jim Gleason 

As superbugs become resistant, antibiotic companies drop out 

The 2020 Census: What You Need to Know. Plus: they're hiring. 

The midwives of Depression-era Appalachian Kentucky 

UK Filmmaker's Documentary Airs on PBS 

Lexington guitarist and singer/songwriter Jim Gleason 


Segment One - Antibiotic makers going bankrupt 

Segment Two - 2020 Census | Midwives of Appalachia | UK Documentary | Gleason 


Dr. Bethany Wattles - Antibiotics 

Dani Rodgers - Census 

Courtney Kisat - Appalachian midwives/birth control 

Catharine Axley - ATTLA documentary 

Jim Gleason - New album

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