Racial Justice and Equality

Series Host, Dr. Gerald Smith

Series Host, Dr. Gerald Smith

This series will address a multiplicity of issues centered on race and history in Kentucky and America. Invited guests will discuss a range of social, political, economic, and cultural topics and themes which shape the racial discussions in our society.  The purpose of the series is to provide information as well as stimulate conversations on the nation's ongoing racial awakening.

The series is hosted by University of Kentucky professor Gerald Smith. Dr. Smith’s focuses include  African American history, Race and Sports, Black Freedom Struggle, African American Education and Kentucky African American history. He is co-chair of Lexington’s Commission for Racial Justice and Equality, and co-editor of the award winning Kentucky African American Encyclopedia. 

The Interviews

September 24, 2020 - “We must make America what America says it is.” In conversation with Dr. William H. Turner - LISTEN

November 19, 2020 - "When I think of 'Black Lives Matter' it's historical, it's entrenched in the very fabric of America." In conversation with Dr. Sandra Weissinger - LISTEN

January 7, 2021 - "I think you can appreciate my desire for us to record our own history rather than to leave it to someone else to interpret." In conversation with the Lexington Urban League's PG Peeples. LISTEN