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Hitting the ground running: Jason Glass, Kentucky's new Commissioner of Education steps into a leadership role freighted with concerns about the future of public education under pandemic conditions. | Listen to the heart and soul of a dedicated public school teacher as she describes what the pandemic has revealed and how she and her colleagues are struggling against its constant challenges. Cynthia Resor talks with Rockcastle County High School Social Studies teacher Holly Robinson. | The aftermath of the 19th Amendment has reverberated over a century. EKU Professor of History Jackie Kay with UK historian Melanie Goan | ServeKentucky's Joe Bringardner on fresh funding for  AmeriCorps public  service jobs

Segment One: Education Commissioner Glass; Teachers Series - LISTEN

Segment Two: 19th Amendment Series; AmeriCorps public service jobs - LISTEN


Tom Martin with Commissioner Jason Glass (Edited for Air) (Full Length)

Cynthia Resor with Rockcastle County Social Studies teacher Holly Robinson

19th Amendment series host Jackie Jay with historian Melanie Goan

Tom Martin with ServeKentucky Executive Director Joe Bringardner

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