Eastern Standard is a WEKU radio magazine of interviews and stories about interesting people, places and events happening in central and Appalachian Kentucky.   

Our team is committed to producing an inquisitive and  technically immersive program featuring guests with news to share or stories to tell. Often a little of each. 

Eastern Standard is produced under the technical direction of Neil Kesterson at Dynamix Productions in Lexington, Kentucky. Host Tom Martin keeps current on what's happening in the world, arranges, conducts and edits interviews, coordinates with series hosts,   collaborates with Eastern Standard reporter Crystal Jones, and writes the show.

Special Topics Reporter Chris Begley, an author, archeologist and professor at Transylvania University, provides thought-provoking observations about human nature and conditions. 

Studio Dog Ella Fitzgeraldine is, hands down, the sweetest creature you'll ever meet.

Eastern Standard, a community service of Eastern Kentucky University, airs on Thursdays at 11 am & 8pm, and on Sunday evenings at 6 pm. On-demand on the WEKU app, NPR One, Spotify, Apple - wherever you get your podcasts.