Under the supervision of Bill McCann, host of our series on Kentucky theater production and performance, WEKU and Eastern Standard present a series of ten-minute "theatre of the mind" radio plays, written, directed and acted by Kentucky talent. 


  • Line of Duty is our latest ten-minute radio play, written, directed, and performed by talent from around these parts. Line of Duty by Johnny Payne features Paige Lambert as Blanche; Jonathan Hibbard as Russell; Matthew Lewis Johnson in the role of The Mower. Sound design by Neil Kesterson. LISTEN


  •  Seven Miles to Harrodsburg  by Al DiGiacomo is a fictional portrayal of forbidden romance set at Pleasant Hill, Kentucky, the site of a Shaker religious community that was active from 1805 to 1910 and is now a National Landmark. Also featured: some myth busting about this utopian community with Shaker Village curator Rebecca Soules. LISTEN


  • Hearing Angel Voices  by A.K. Forbes, about that famous couple for whom there was “no room in the Inn.” Featuring: Deborah Martin as Mary, J.D. Lovell as Joseph,  Chris Amburgey as Balthazaar,  Shane Barrett as Melchior and The Angel with sound design by Neil Kesterson. LISTEN


  •  In the Patrick Mitchell play, The United States v Fear  the fear of risk and failure goes on trial for killing the dreams of a talented artist.  Featuring the playwright himself, along with Emmanuel Thurman, LeTicia Williams Preacly and Joe Ferrell, with sound design by Neil Kesterson. LISTEN


  • Three's a Charm  by David Miller of Lexington takes us behind scenes at the track to find trainer "Joe" (Paul Thomas) aghast to discover that friend and jockey "Billy" (Whit Whitaker) has fallen under the criminal influence of "Al" (Roger Leasor). LISTEN


  • Strained Pears  by series host Bill McCann places the ever-present cellphone at center-stage as a constant source of tension between husband and wife Herbert and Mildred. Mildred and friend Mary Leigh, owner/waitress at their favorite diner, have come up with a strategy to persuade Herbert, who struggles with retirement, to see that he has allowed the device to become a serious distraction and a strain on their marriage. Bill Goodman as Herbert; Deborah Martin as Mildred; Alana Ghent as Mary Leigh. Sound design and production by Neil Kesterson and Tammy Ray. LISTEN


  • Jockey Jim  is the story of the rise and fall of Black American champion jockey Jimmy Winkfield. Excerpted from his full-length play and introduced by Louisville playwright Larry Muhammad, directed by Patrick Mitchell, starring Emmanuel Thurman. LISTEN


Have a concept? Our submission rules & requirements:

Eastern Standard's Theatre of the Mind series is interested in producing outstanding works of radio theatre. If you would like to have a script considered for future production please know the following: 

Submissions may be either comedies or dramas that do not exceed 10-minutes in length—approximately 10-pages and no more than four characters.. 
The scripts must rely upon sound and sound effects to tell their stories. 
Writers must be from Kentucky or have written a story that is set in this state. 

To be considered the following should be sent to es@eku.edu: 


a) Name of the scriptwriter 


b) Title of the script 


c) Genre (comedy/drama) 


d) A brief synopsis of the script (not to exceed three sentences/50 words) 


5. This is NOT A CONTEST there is no end date, no guarantee that anyone will have his/her/their script selected for possible production. 


6. We are not currently paying writers, directors, or actors for their participation. However, we are seeking grant support for this program and do anticipate that such payments will take place if the quality of the radio plays helps us find the necessary funding. 


7. If based on your initial submission we have an interest you will be contacted with a request that you send the entire script. 


8. If we request your script we may: 


a) agree to further consideration of the script and POSSIBLY to produce it 


b) reject the script 


c) ask for revisions to the script and the possibility of a future production 


d) ask for more information about the script writer and his/her/their connection to the story/the state of Kentucky 


9) Produced scripts will be broadcast as part of a future Eastern Standard show which is currently broadcast three times a week (twice on Thursdays and once on Sundays) after which many but not all may be put on the WEKU/Eastern Standard website where they may be downloaded and enjoyed for a length of time to be determined by the station. 


10) WEKU may reject a synopsis or script for any reason or no reason at all. The decisions of WEKU and Eastern Standard are final.