Gill Hunter & Brigitte Blom: Education

In this series co-hosted by Gill Hunter, Assistant Vice President for Retention and Graduation at Eastern Kentucky University, and Brigitte Blom, Executive Director of the Prichard Committee for Academic Excellence, we explore and amplify the many issues facing Kentucky educators, students, and parents. 

Kentucky has nearly 650,000 children attending preschool through high schools in 172 school districts. 42,000 teachers and 54,000 administrators and support staff are working in the 1,466 public schools across the state.   Added together, 17% of the state’s population, almost 1/5, attend or work for public schools in Kentucky. 

Many of the issues facing public schools, teachers, students, and their families are national trends - a growing shortage of teachers, funding, student performance, issues related to diversity, and school safety.  Other issues are unique to Kentucky such as high rates of poverty, lack of internet access and technology in schools and the homes of students, or funding for transportation.