You’re Polarized, I’m Polarized:  The Way to a Shared American Future

Coming July 4, 2024, the launch of an Eastern Standard interview series demonstrating how, even in the deeply divided election year of 2024, we can agree to disagree agreeably and manage to get things done.

Carolyn Dupont (Photo by Scott Waltz)

Series host Carolyn Dupont serves as state coordinator for Braver Angels, a national, grass-roots organization that works on depolarization.  She co-leads a local chapter of that group in Jessamine County, Kentucky. Dr. Dupont is Professor of History at Eastern Kentucky University, where she specializes in African American history and American religious history.  Her book, Mississippi Praying:  Southern White Evangelicals and the Civil Rights Movement, 1945-1975 won the Frank S. and Elizabeth D. Brewer prize from the American Society of Church History in 2014.  In September 2024, Prometheus Press will publish her most recent book, Distorting Democracy:  The Forgotten History of the Electoral College—and Why it Matters Today.  Her opinion writing has appeared in The Huffington Post and The Washington Post, among other outlets.