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Mine runoff in E. Kentucky stream (Image: Shutterstock)

Floods continue to upset life in Eastern Kentucky | “Repairing the Damage”, an analysis of surface mining’s aftermath | The stories of a sheriff’s murder; how a city's signature dish says something powerful about race relations in Nashville; and how a Kentuckian’s novel made it from page to screen

Interviews in order of appearance:

WEKU's Corinne Boyer on the flash flooding that continues to plague Eastern Kentucky communities

Appalachian Voices' Erin Savage discusses an analysis of damage left by "modern era" strip mining

Bill Carman and Jean Burchell on "Saving Noah", an account of the murder of an E. Ky. Sheriff

Rachel Martin on her book "Hot, Hot Chicken" and how the city's signature dish says something powerful about race relations in Nashville

Carter Sickels on the premiere of the film adaptation of his novel "The Evening Hour"


These continue to be uncertain times around covid 19 and the new delta variant. Only 43.5%  of Madison County citizens are vaccinated, and the numbers of corona virus cases are increasing rapidly.  Ten counties in Kentucky are red and Madison County is amber. The board of  Sustainable Berea has determined that their on-farm event, scheduled for July 29 and mentioned in last week's edition of Eastern Standard, will be postponed until some time in the fall when, hopefully, there will be the opportunity to gather safely to celebrate theirr work and community. 

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