September 1, 2022 - Eastern Standard 

Flood damage in Eastern Kentucky (Photo by Reggie Van Stockum)

  • The losses to flooding in Eastern Kentucky are extensive and as WEKU's Samantha Morrill reports, they could include important historical records and artifacts at the Hindman Settlement School LISTEN
  • Days after the flood of late July Reggie Van Stockum traveled the creekside roads of Eastern Kentucky to chronicle the destruction and listen to people's experiences LISTEN
  • Patrick Angel, who is leading an effort to return Kentucky to its former status as a leading producer of sheep and goat products, details the flood losses of farmers LISTEN
  • Toxic PFAS or "Forever Chemicals" are found in the blood of 99 percent of Americans. PFAS researcher Molly Frazar joins us LISTEN
  • Cynthia Resor chats with author Sallie Bingham about her brother's fatal overdose and misperceptions about the realities of wealth and privilege LISTEN
  • Tom Eblen interviews award-winning, writer, teacher and editor Ellen Birkett Morris, author of "Lost Girls," Morris' collection of short stories. LISTEN