September 29, 2022 - Eastern Standard  

Kentucky elections officials are flooded with public records requests (Image: Shutterstock)

  • Efforts to inundate local elections officials with records requests only weeks before we go to the polls: we ask the state’s top elections official, Secretary of State Michael Adams, what’s going on?  LISTEN 
  • Episode 2 of Civic Shorts, our election-season series produced in partnership with CivicLex defining the jobs of local offices on the Nov. 8 ballot. In this episode, CivicLex Executive Director Richard Young details the job descriptions of Magistrates and County Commissioners. LISTEN 
  • How the region’s largest school district is faring as pandemic effects linger: education contributor Brigitte Blom speaks with Fayette County Schools Superintendent Demetrus Liggins  LISTEN 

Details of a trio of upcoming events: 

  • The 100th anniversary of Lexington’s historic Kentucky Theater: LISTEN  
  • The 49th annual Celebration of Traditional Music at Berea College: LISTEN 
  • Tree Week in Lexington and other communities in the region: LISTEN