January 5, 2023 - Eastern Standard  

John Winn Miller, author of "Hunt for the Peggy C" (Photo by Kevin Nance)

Former Kentucky Poet Laureate, Richard Taylor, author of numerous collections of poetry, two novels, and several books relating to Kentucky history, on becoming an inductee into the Kentucky Writers Hall of Fame. LISTEN 

Katie Cross Gibson on her podcast series about author, social activist and Distinguished Professor in Residence at Berea College, bell hooks. LISTEN 

Lexington author John Winn Miller transports us to the North Atlantic of WW II with his novel, “The Hunt for the Peggy C.” LISTEN 

A high school theater instructor’s account of returning from virtual to classroom teaching. LISTEN 

And what lured a playwright and singer-songwriter with a resume long and exceptionally varied to make the move from New York City to Lexington, Kentucky? LISTEN