April 6, 2023 Eastern Standard 

The stories we tell, and why. (Photo by Jeanne Marie Hibberd)

  • Why do we tell stories? And is folklore truth, fantasy or something in-between? Our guest: JeanMarie Rouhier-Willoughby, Professor of Russian Studies, Folklore and Linguistics at the University of Kentucky.  LISTEN
  • Story Cycle, a program offered by the Lexington Theater Company (The Lex), helps students turn stories into musicals and plays. We talk with Lex co-founder and artistic director, Lyndy Franklin. LISTEN
  • The Paris Storytelling Festival is coming in May. We talk about the art and the profession with festival organizer Mary Lovell and pro storyteller Sheila Arnold. LISTEN
  • Journalism is all about storytelling of the fact-based sort. Listen to part three in our series on the four pillars of the Code of Ethics of the Society for Professional Journalists with guests Tom Eblen, former managing editor of the Lexington Herald-Leader and a former ethics professor, and Kentucky Journalism Hall of Fame notable and creator of the EKU Media Ethics program, Liz Hansen. LISTEN (Click here for the series.)
  • Local journalists gain an ability to offer perspective on events. Good news arrived recently in flood-struck Whitesburg and we turned to Mountain Eagle reporter Sam Adams for what is means to the community.  LISTEN
  • Aukram Burton heads the Kentucky African American Heritage Center in Louisville where stories are told through displays. He is Gerald Smith’s guest in this latest in our series about racial justice and equality. LISTEN