Program for January 7, 2021 

(Photo: Fire Island Pines Historical Preservation Society)

Tom Martin with UK Pharmacist, researcher Sarah Blevins: How the Ryan White Act and its approach to HIV now treats opioid addiction | Stephanie Lang, editor of The Register of the Kentucky Historical Society with Jon Coleman: Elijah "Lige" Clarke and LGBTQ history in Eastern, Kentucky |  UK history professor Gerald Smith with PG Peeples in his 51st year leading the Urban League of Lexington. | Tom Martin with Lindsay Kampfer,  Licensed Clinical Social Worker, certified for Advanced Palliative and Hospice Social Work and a Counseling Resource Officer for Bluegrass Care Navigators: the profound experience of hospice. 

Interviews in order of appearance: 

Tom Martin with Sarah Blevins 

Stephanie Lang with Jon Coleman 

Gerald Smith with PG Peeples 

Tom Martin with Lindsay Kampfer 

BJ Miller: "What is Death?"


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