Program for March 11, 2021 

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A report card on America's crumbling infrastructure. Hint: our GPA is in the "remedial" range | An example of infrastructure investment rises on the Coldstream Research Campus | Identifying weak links in the "critical items" supply chain | The Bourbon Industry opens to diversity, inclusion and equity | Appalachia's important role in the origins of distance learning. 

Interviews in order of appearance:  

 Infrastructure Report Card - Tom Smith, Executive Director, American Society of Civil Engineers 

New home for high tech startups - George Ward, Executive Director, Coldstream Research Campus 

Weak links in critical supply chains - Dr. Yunke Mai, Gatton College of Business and Economics 

The bourbon industry's racist past and inclusive future - Gathan Borden, VP Marketing, VisitLex 

Appalachia's key role in distance learning - Stephanie Lang with UK doctoral candidate Carson Benn

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