Program for May 28, 2020 

Photo: UK Professor of American and African American history Nikki Brown

On this week's program:

Segment One: Changes coming to Kentucky’s colleges - on and off campus. | A look at the history of pandemics with the author of “Russia in the Time of Cholera.” |  Introducing “Future Tense” - anthropologist and author Chris Begley peers into a post-pandemic future through the eyes of his guests. LISTEN 

Segment Two: The latest in our monthly series on the 19th Amendment | How the coronavirus has brought things to a standstill at the Appalachian Center for the Arts in Pikeville. LISTEN 

Interviews in order of appearance: 

Aaron Thompson - College planning in a pandemic 

John Davis - Pandemic history 

Chris Begley with Bianca Spriggs - Future Tense 

Kathi Kern with Nikki Brown - 19th Amendment 

Robin Irwin and Erick Buckley - Appalachian Center for the Arts