Program for August 26, 2021 

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What's at stake, what's possible as redistricting changes Kentucky's political landscape | The implications of a completed Appalachian Highway System | A visit to Lexington-based Space Tango | Depth of Field: Duane Lundy explores a writer's mind with Silas House 

Interviews in order of appearance: 

Joshua Douglas with Dee Pregliasco on redrawing Kentucky's political map - LISTEN 

ARC Executive Director Brandon McBride: Congress considers funding the final miles of the Appalachian Highway System - LISTEN 

From downtown Lexington, a direct connection with the orbiting space station. The Middle Tech podcast folks visit Space Tango - LISTEN  

In our Depth of Field series with Duane Lundy: the workings of a writerly mind with celebrated Kentucky author Silas House - LISTEN