March 31, 2022 - Eastern Standard 

Ending “spring forward, fall back.” But could Congress be on the verge of locking in the wrong time standard? |  A 2nd edition of personal accounts by students who want to fight cancer in Eastern Kentucky | Communicating in a world flooded with information: take the Craap Test | Learning Center students offer revealing versions of the George Ella Lyon poem “Where I’m From” | Pioneer Playhouse takes theatre - and the Lyon poem - to prison with a mission to inspire 

Interviews in order of appearance: 

EKU Psychologist Maggie Freeman on permanent Daylight Savings Time - Listen 

Eastern Kentucky Grows Its Own, Oncologists, that is. The Markey Cancer Center’s Nathan Vanderford - Listen 

How does the information you’re about to post stack up against the CRAAP test? Murray State University Communications and Mass Media professor Melanie Shemberger - Listen 

Students open up about troubled lives with the George Ella Lyon poem “Where I’m From” - Listen 

The Lyon poem as a creative tool in prison: Bill McCann with Pioneer Playhouse Artistic Director Robby Henson - Listen